North Hollywood

Spiritual Support is the foundation of the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science. Celebration Services are offered on Sunday (9:30 and 11:45 am) and Wednesday evening (7:00 pm). In addition to the educational program and special events, there are many ministries designed to both assist and involve the community, and nurture the planet as a whole.

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On this page, you may learn more about Practitioners, what they can offer you, and how to contact them.


Prayer:  Feel, Sense and Know Truth

On our Ministry of Prayer page you can find out how to request Prayer by e-mail or leaving a confidential voicemail message.  

You may also feel the sweet comfort of Prayer by listening to our weekly Dial A Prayer message.


  • The Ministry of Prayer is dedicated to providing you with Prayer and circulating your Affirmative Prayer request to our outstanding Corps of 65+ licensed Practitioners.  We absolutely believe the result is a revealing of Truth, Light and Love demonstrating in your Life. 
  • The Pastoral Care Team handles visits and support to our members and their loved ones or friends, providing Prayerful support and in-home as well as hospital visitation. 
  • A Parking Team works during our Celebration Services to assist attendees in Parking needs and parking lot etiquite. 
  • Our Youth and Family Services handles the needs of our youth as their parents attend our Sunday Celebration Services. 
  • Meditation occurs on Monday Evenings each week and is facilitated by a Licensed Practitioner. 
  • The Men's Group supports men in their lives through prayer, community and social events to encourage each participant to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives. 
  • The Labryinth Ministry leads labryinth walks and education in the evolution of consciousness through an age-old metaphor as they walk the sacred geometry path. 
  • Our Worship Service Volunteers support each Celebration Service and Wednesday Night Service by ushering, greeting and providing a loving welcome to everyone in attendance. 
  • Our Caring Circles are small in-home groups that meet to support one another within the group through the practice of listening, learning, spiritual practice and prayer support. 
  • The Music Ministry brings the element of professional entertainment through song and lyric, chant and ambience to each of our Celebration Services and Wednesday Night Services.