North Hollywood

I attended my first service at the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science in November of 1994. I echo the sentiment that I’ve heard from many members of our congregation that after that first experience “I knew I had found my spiritual home.” As enchanted as I was by this spiritual community and the Science of Mind teaching, had you told be back then that one day I would be serving as the Assistant Minister at NHCRS , I would have thought you were crazy! One never knows the many opportunities that Spirit holds in store for us if we’re open.

The first aspect of the Science of Mind teaching that captured my heart was its deep respect for all faith traditions, and its recognition of the common spiritual principles taught by them all. I found this philosophy consistent with the way I was raised and what I have felt was true all my life.  Furthermore, in our home we were taught to question religious dogma that did not promote a greater sense of love and acceptance of all. The concept of a “punishing” or “vengeful” God, and particularly the idea of eternal damnation were all categorically rejected in our home. We were taught that everyone experiences consequences for their actions, but that forgiveness was always available to anyone who recognized the errors of their thoughts or actions and were willing to change.

I also deeply appreciate the Science of MInd emphasis on how each of us is an expression of God, and that goodness is our innate nature, even if we don’t realize or express it in this moment. I also loved the idea that a divine solution lies at the center of every human “problem,” and that it’s just a matter of us opening to see it.

Prior to becoming a minister, I managed a customer service Helpdesk, and I thrived on collaborating with my colleagues and staff to find solutions to potential problems. I also delighted in seeing the potential in my employees and supporting them in advancing into career paths for which they were well suited and that brought them joy and fulfillment. Today, as the Assistant Minister at the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science, I continue to derive tremendous joy and fulfillment in sharing this philosophy with others which inevitably supports them in developing a deeper sense of Oneness with God and helps them to find their greatest experience and expression of life in their own unique ways.

My top priority in life is my Spiritual Practice. The more I deepen my sense of oneness with God, the more love and joy I derive from life, and the more I have to share with others.

One of my great passions is traveling (especially to France, my second home, which I try to visit at least every other year). I am delighted that my partner Joe shares this enthusiasm for travel, staying connected to our families, and making a wonderful home life with our two mini macaws, Chloe and Puffin in our condo in Sherman Oaks. I can’t begin to express enough gratitude for all the blessings of love of family and friends that abound in my life!

In Deepest Love,

Rev. Marc