North Hollywood

Welcome to the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science, a spiritual community since 1953. We support those on their journey to find their connection to Spirit, learning to live from the center out, discovering and being inspired by the great wisdom taught by many of the World’s Religious Masters as presented by Ernest S. Holmes in his writings titled, The Science of Mind.

Hear Dr. Mark's short synopsis on Religious Science here.

Here is the "Basic Science of Mind" on audio by Dr. Mark Vierra

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(The Science of Mind and Spirit)


If you have ever felt that there is something, call it what you will, that is the summation of intelligence as well as all-powerful, and seems to be everywhere any of us are at any given instant in our life, then what you have discovered is God Itself.  Click the link above to find out more about Religious Science.

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(Declaration of Our Principles---What We Believe)


It is good to know what we believe in, why we believe in it, and what our belief will bring for us as a harvest in our lives.  We clearly state all of this in our Declarations of Our Principles and experience the workings of these Principles in our every day lives.  Click the link above to find out more about what we believe.